Coming Home

Here are a few tips to make everything runs swiftly when you bring your new baby home:

• Change can be very stressful to some hedgehogs, so it’s best to give your new friend a day or two to adjust to his/her new home.
• Provide them with an old sweatshirt or tee shirt with your scent, so they learn to associate your scent with safety.
• Try feeding the same food the breeder was feeding your hedgie, to prevent further stress from an upset stomach.
• When you are ready to take your hedgehog out for the first time, simply scoop him/her up and place them in your lap. Your hedgehog may be in a quill ball at this point, don’t distress, let your hedgehog set the pace. It may take a little while before your hedgehog feels comfortable enough to explore.
• If your hedgehog seem particularly shy, you may want to try bribing your hedgehog with treats, like baby food or mealworms. Try not to feed mealworms or other treats with your fingers – this might cause nipping.

**Even if it seems to be taking a long time for your hedgehog to warm up to you, be persistent. You must socialize your hedgehog daily, ideally for an hour or more, every night. **